Francisco Garriga, M.D.

Francisco Garriga, M.D.

Doctor Garriga was born in Puerto Rico. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Puerto Rico, with a major in math and minors in English and Chemistry. He received his MD from Washington University in Saint Louis. He specialized in internal medicine and Rheumatology at the University of Miami and Washington University. He was in the private practice of medicine until his retirement in 2019.

The son of two college professors, Dr. Garriga has had a lifelong passion for teaching. He says: 

“I practically grew up in the University. It was my playground; this is where I met my friends; where I was treated by every professor as if I were her or his child. My parents frequently took me into their classrooms. I realized how much work they put into making sure that their students understood the material. I learned how to listen when questions were asked.”

In his books Dr. Garriga makes it plain that the best diagnostic and therapeutic tools that medicine has to offer will prove insufficient if the doctor fails to “connect” with his or her patient.

For many years he was an instructor for medical students at Washington University. His students enjoyed his stories so much that they asked him to publish them.

Dr. Garriga lives with his wife; they split their time between Saint Louis and Málaga, Spain. They enjoy listening to all kinds of music, and they are frequently seen hiking the numerous trails and parks available in their adopted cities.


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Praise for “Tell Me How You Die Easy” – The Book

Many people in health care are very good at treating all kinds of complicated and painful diseases. That the malady resides in a human body can sometimes be an afterthought. But Francisco Garriga, M.D. focuses first and foremost on the patient; a person with a name, a life, and a family whose body has become home to an illness.

In “Tell Me How You Die Easy,” Dr. Garriga shows doctors the keys to offering great personal care while also delivering all the wonders medical science has to offer. He has compiled the most compelling and pertinent personal stories from more than 36 years in practice to deliver a primer on humane healing that students, doctors, and patients can easily digest. Students at the Washington University School of Medicine, where Dr. Garriga has been a clinical instructor since 1976, found these stories so valuable that they encouraged him to write “Tell Me How You Die Easy.”

Philip Alderson, M.D.

Philip Alderson, M.D., Vice President for Medical Affairs and Dean, St. Louis University School of Medicine

"Dr. Garriga's book hits the target. In all of these stories about real people, the importance of physicians taking the time to listen to their patients comes through."

Robert J. Henkel, FACHE

Robert J. Henkel, FACHE, President and CEO, Ascension Health

"This book is a must read for all physicians and caregivers in the health care field, whether in training or having practiced for many years. The stories remind us we are all human and are dependent on each other."

Carlos Girad, MD

Carlos E. Girod, M.D., Professor Emeritus and former Dean, University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine

"This is an important work and reference for those who aspire to study in any branch of the health professions, particularly for future medical students. Physicians in training and in practice will recognize and relish the situations and implications of each clinical story."